Liquid Ammonia is White salt.
- Molecular Formula NH3
- Molecular Weight 17.03


  • Vapor Density 0.6 (air = 1)
  • Vapor Pressure 10 atm at 25.7 °C
  • Density/Specific Gravity 0.7710 g/l (water = 1)
  • Heat of Vaporization 5.581 kcal/mole
  • Critical Temperature/Pressure 132.4 °C/111.5 atm
  • Conversion Factor 1 ppm = 0.70 mg/m3

General Product Information

  • Sharp, penetrating odor
  • Compound can quickly revive the faint of heart and light of head
  • Toxic, reactive, and corrosive gas
  • Widely used in fertilizers, plastics, and explosives


  • Gastrointestinal or Liver Toxicant
  • Neurotoxicant
  • Reproductive and Respiratory Toxicant
  • Ammonia is irritating to the eyes and respiratory tract
  • High concentrations cause conjunctivitis, laryngitis, and pulmonary edema
  • Persons with asthma may be particularly sensitive to exposure to ammonia
  • Skin or Sense Organ Toxicant
Packing: Available in Cans and Drums. Reconditioned Drums and Cans are also being used for cost-effectiveness. The reconditioned drums are considered keeping in mind that the pre-used chemicals be easily washable. The expert Quality Assurance analysts select chemicals used for washing carefully to eliminate all sorts of contaminations. Customized caps, wooden pallets and sheets are used for packing NH3.